Creating and maintaining a powerful brand has never been more important, nor has it presented a greater opportunity.  

A new brand can make itself known to huge audiences in a viral instant, accomplishing what often took years.  

That's great news!  But the branding must be right from the start.  Second chances don't always come in today's impatient environment.

TransformationBranding brings thirty plus years of experience with both blockbuster multinational brands and innovative entrepreneurial fledglings.

It's senior level help for those who need it most; those who are taking the greatest risk and who have the passion that makes for success in bringing the new and innovative to market.

Helping bring focus to your branding strategy; creating a compelling/sustaining name and visual identity that speaks directly to your target audience.

Committed to a responsiveness grounded in the idea that getting something accomplished yesterday is far better than putting it off until tomorrow.  

Brands transform abstract ideas into the proprietary concrete.

Jonathan Prinz led the team that created the brand identity for diet Coke, among the most successful new products of all time.